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For as long as can remember it has been my dream to have blonde highlights. “No problem” I hear you cry – buy a highlighting kit, visit your hairdresser – dream fulfilled! In theory its sounds easy – in reality there’s one small complication, I have ginger hair and as a result there is a pigment that makes changing my hair colour, especially to blonde, excessively difficult, bordering on impossible. My sister-in-law, a hairdresser, advised me that to have it done professionally so much peroxide would be needed to achieve the colour I wanted I would no doubt come away with a burnt scalp.

So with professionally done highlights been out of the question I decided to give some DIY blonde kits a go. Off I trotted to my local Boots and was amazed at the choice of blonding kits available. I was completely bamboozled as to which one to buy. I decided to go for a recognised brand, I figured the extortionate price tag would be justified by the quality of the product – but alas no. Home I went and locked myself away in the bathroom for the afternoon – a complete waste of time and money seen as I came out with the exact same colour hair I went in with. A few weeks later, trying not to get too despondent, I visited Boots again to try another branded DIY blonde kit. But again my stubborn red hair refused to change colour.

“Ah well” I thought, “me and blonde streaks just weren’t meant to be”. Then I saw Sun In advertised in a magazine – “Natural sun kissed highlights” it promised. I couldn’t resist giving it a try; maybe it would be third time lucky. I marched down to Boots once more, I was on a mission, I knew what I wanted and I wouldn’t be satisfied until I had it. Luckily they had the required product. It was available in Gentle, Lemon, and Super. Not having much look with other highlighting products I decided Sun In Super was the only way to go and I grabbed it like it was going out of fashion, dashed to counter to pay, and ran all the way home (well, nearly).

The instructions are very simple: “Shake Well, Spray generously onto clean, damp hair, Comb through, and Dry with hairdryer or relax in sun until desired effect is reached”. Been a typical English summer there was no sun and the only option was artificial hairdryer heat. Fed up with nothing else working I threw caution to the wind and applied Sun In to my fringe and the hair framing my face, I threw my Nicky Clarke hairdryer onto full heat and blasted my hair dry. SHOCK! I nearly fainted – my hair had actually changed colour, not drastically and not noticeably but there was a definite hint of lightness. At last – I had found a product that my hair liked – Halleluiah!!!

I figured real sunlight would work better than artificial heat and seen as I was going to Spain in a few weeks decided to take my trusty Sun In with me. I sprayed my hair on the second day after splashing around in sea and lay on the sand with my head directly in the sun allowing my hair to get all the rays and hopefully encouraging Sun In to take effect. Sure enough it did. I got back to the Hotel that night and my friend exclaimed, “Wow Claire, your fringe is white!” I ran to the mirror in disbelief, I couldn’t believe it, my normally ginger fringe had turned a lovely strawberry blondish, whitish colour and I loved it, it wasn’t too much and did actually look naturally sun kissed. The next day I applied it to the hair framing my face and again it turned a lovely strawberry blonde colour. It was wonderful. I came home from Spain and told everyone at work it had gone naturally lighter in the sun (a little white lie never hurt) and yes – they all believed me.

One downside to Sun In Super is that it is bleach and contains hydrogen peroxide and as far as I know works by stripping your hair of its natural colour. As a result it does have a tendency to leave hair feeling dry and damaged. It only affected mine at the ends and it wasn’t particularly noticeable. I use a conditioning treatment after washing my hair and soon enough the damage caused by Sun In was repaired and my hair was back to it’s normal radiant self, only now having healthy looking blonde streaks.

Another thing I should mention is that I used Sun In Super again this summer in the British sun and although my hair went slightly blonde it was no where near as dramatic or as good as when in the Spanish sun. I’m no scientist, but I think this has something to do with their sun been stronger and also the fact that I applied it after been in the sea and perhaps the salt water aided the effects. My friend who is naturally a mousy blonde didn’t use anything on her hair and came home slightly blonder.

A definite plus about Sun In is that it contains a special chemical, which stays on the hair after it has dried and works with the sun to continue to lighten the hair. This is great because it means you can go in and out of the sun and do not have to sit and wait for it to dry into your hair.

In conclusion Sun In Super worked for me and made my dream of blonde streaks come true. It isn’t too expensive, at around six pound a bottle, and it lasts a quite a long time (depending of course on how often you apply it). Application is simple – just spray on and allow to dry. It does warn on the bottle that it contains hydrogen peroxide (bleach) and because of how it works i.e. strips your hair colour; users should expect their hair to become dried after use. However this will all depend on your type to start with. It also states on the bottle that it is a definite no-no for people with colour treated or permed hair. I’d only recommend Sun In Super if you want really dramatic highlights and perhaps it’d be wise to try Sun In Gentle or Lemon first – just to see the effect or it has on your hair.

Review 2

I've been colouring my hair with Sun In for about 6 years now. Ok so hairdressers hate it, I just don't tell them what I use. It comes with a warning that dark hair WILL go orange, and believe me it does at first but for years now I have had lovely natural looking blonde hair (nobody believes I'm a fake) which I have control over, just spray in and hairdry it or sit in the sun- much easier than a lot of other dyes I've seen with different bottles, mixtures and vague intructions.
Although it does get a little dry at the ends, there are plenty of shampoos and conditioners out there which are for dry/damaged/coloured hair which all bring it back to life.

Everyone should know coloured hair takes a little more care and that's the sacrifice I have to make, having a nice supply of leave-in conditioners and deep conditioning masks means my friends never look at my hair with disgust, more like envy of what I've achieved.

Review 3

OK, straight to the point - DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT. Please, your hair will be screaming in agony for weeks. Sun In is a powerful bleach that, along with making your hair lighter, strips the hair shaft of all natural goodness and leaves a tangled, limp mess. Plus, if you have ANY natural red in your hair colour (however little) it will send your hair a very bright shade of amber (not exactly the sun-kissed look you were after!!) I write so strongly baout this product because I have personally made the mistake of using it. The instructions state that you should spray evenly over your hair and then apply heat to the product (this could mean sitting in the sun or hairdrying). As the heat reacts with the Sun-In, the hair is bleached but also is damaged.

There are so many better alternatives. If money is a problem, ask your local hairdressers if they are running a 'model night'. This is where trainees get the chance to colour customers hair (under expert supervision) and you pay a tiny amount for it. The result is a much healthier, brighter and long-lasting colour. Plus, you could choose to match more than one colour together for that fashionable streaky look. Toni and Guy run a model night weekly, so call up your local branch to make an appointment.

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