Staying Blonde

Before I say anything else. I just want to say that in order to keep your hair looking good you must condition, condition and condition again. The first few days after bleaching your hair will feel a bit 'rough'. Just keep conditioning and look after it well your hair will be very dry so this will bring some shine and suppleness back to the hair.

Choose a 'reconstructive' conditioner if possible, one for very damaged hair and USE it. I also use a tiny bit of leave-in conditioner as well if I'm having a 'bad hair day'. I'll recommend some products at the end of this page. Shampoos should also be gentle and again, designed for damged or processed hair.

Brassy Hair, Oh No !

Well you've been 'blonde' for a few weeks now and just love your new look, but guess what ? In certain lights you can see that the hair is starting to look a strange shade (?). This known as the hair looking 'brassy'. It's basically the stage where the dye you put in on the second stage is fading, but there is still some remaining, and the 'yellowness' of your hair underneath are mixing together and giving a 'funny' look to the hair. Also by this time your hair will have been exposed to the elements/car fumes/smoking etc and this also dulls the hair down. The over-all effect can be quite sludgy looking.


There are a few things that can be done to get rid of this, bear with me this quite a long page but there were just so many products I never knew existed when I firstdid my hair. I walked around for a few weeks with my hair turning ever more 'canary-like' till I discovered a few of the products below. It would be a shame to miss anything out .Half the battle of being a blonde, is STAYING one !


Sounds weird doesn't it ? But it is all to do with 'opposite' colours on the colour spectrum.

The opposite of yellow is purple/violet and using a purple shampoo/conditioner will effectively neutralise all the yellow 'tones' in the hair. It DOES work honest. In fact there are a number of products specifically designed for this problem and what they do is deposit a tiny bit of 'purple-hued' pigment in the hair to calm the yellow tones down. It also works for natural blondes in need af a bit of a boost, as well as highlights.

There are more and more of these ranges coming on the market too for all hair colours and they work the same way as the purple conditioners. These are excellent at 'freshening up' your colour if it's starting to look a little dull. They come in several varieties and also give a nice 'shine' too.

There are also a few styling products out there. One of the one's from the John Frieda Sheer Blonde range is a 'Dual Action' mousse for blondes. Its a violet tinted styling mousse. It works for styling AND counteracting brassy tones all at once. It's very good. But like I aid there are lots if you look, especially in bigger stores. And online you are spoiled for choice if you a re willing to pay a bit extra for a brand like Aveda/Tigi or Redken etc. You'll notice that a lot of them contain purple pigment in them. This is exactly what you need to get rid of brassy hair. I've named a few at the bottom of the page.


I use the little sachets of wella 'shaders' or those little triangular boxes of Harmony toners to keep my hair an even shade between root touch-ups. They are my lifesavers in between salon visits. I usually get my roots done and a have 'long lasting' semi-put in. When the semi starts to fade I shampoo in half of one of these, lather it up very quickly,( thats all it needs), and rinse. My hair is usually given a new lease of life for about a week after using them and at around 1 to 2 a go it's not hard on the pocket either. Personally I use the 'ash' shades as I am quite a pale blonde, the ash ones are again based on a PURPLE pigment, they look bright blue once out of the sachet, so they are great at banishing the 'yellow' look.

They also come in 'Golden' shades so those with more warm blonde shades would probably find these just as good for boosting that 'between salon visits' fading. Red tones fade the fastest of all so these are great for adding some of the 'warmth' back into the shade.

TIP : Buy one of those little travel sized lotion/pump dispenser bottles (Superdrug do them among others) and squeeze 2 or 3 sachets into it. Every couple of shampoos add a dollop of this into the shampoo in your hand. Viola ! DIY 'purple' shampoo, freshens up hair colour a treat and is a less messy than trying to squeeze the sachet while your hair is dripping wet. If you can't get hold of a little travel size bottle you could always improvise. If not, and you don't need the whole sachet, just roll up the top and keep for next time.



Your hair is already damaged so anything you do here to minimise further damage counts big time ! Ideally blow-drying/straightners and heat appliances should be kept to a minumum. However we all know that ain't going to happen in the real world. Investing in some decent 'heat protecting' products is a must-do. There are a lot of serums and spray-on's out there now so there's no excuse. Sprays which contain alcohol are very drying for a the already dry hair so should be avoided if possible. I would also recommend if you use staighteners that you use the ceramic versions which are a bit kinder to the hair. I also find that a tiny bit of hair wax at the end of styling calms any frizzies down AND adds a bit of shine.


Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo and Conditioner (purple shampoo/conditioner, buy online)

John Freida Sheer Blonde Shampoo.

Elvive Smooth Intense Shampoo (one of the best I've tried and great price too !!, buy at Boots, Superdrug, others)

Aveda Cherry Almond Bark Conditioner (reconstuctive conditioner, buy online )

Aussie 5 minute miracle (deep conditioning sachets, Boots etc)

Redken Colour Inject Conditioner (comes in different shades including ones for white/platinum blondes, one for neutrals, and one for golden blondes, buy online)

HEAT PROTECTORS :- TIGI Bedhead Health Goddess, (spray in after washing/conditioning packed with vitamins and good things and leaves hair very soft and silky !!!! buy online ).

KMS Flat Out 'Hot Pressed' Thermal Styler (heat protection with a bit of 'hold' to it, buy online at ).


Wella Shaders (sachets), My lifesavers, buy in nearly any chemist/pharmacy.

Harmony toners (as above but slightly thicker and needs to be used a bit more sparingly).

Wella Setting Lotion in Silver/Ash (old fashioned setting lotion with purple pigment, washes out buy in Boots etc, and several well heeled dept stores like Frasers. I put it into a travel size spray bottle and spray when/if needed ).

John Frieda Blonde Ambition Violet Tinted Mousse (Boots etc )


TIGI Straight Talk Straightening Balm (gel that softens and relaxes the hair for straight styles...a sort of 'Lenor' for your hair.., online).

TIGI Shine Junkie (finishing wax that leaves hair looking fab and tames the frizz too, online ).


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