Second Stage of Going Blonde at Home

This next bit should be the easiest part wouldn't you think ?

Read the instructions and carry on as a 'normal' hair dyeing process? . I'm afraid not. You have just put your hair through a pretty stressful process and time limits on hair dye packets are never going to affect you again as long as you are a 'blonde'. I have went into this more in-depth on the 'Dye ?' page so suffice to say here, that it's an absolute MUST that you do the strand test for timing and colour. Otherwise you are gambling with very unpredictable results.

So on to the next stage :-

1) Snip off 1 strand of hair and divide into three. If you've saved the hair from the previous strand test then just two. Take the strand from the undersections of hair where it won't be missed. Use sellotape to bind the top of the 3 strands.

2) Mix a little of the dye and the developer (if there is one as some very mild semi's don't have them) together.

3) Apply dye to strands. Sit them in an old saucer or something, then start timing.

After 5 mins rinse and dry the first strand, the second at 10 mins, and the third at 15.

4) In good daylight preferably check and choose which shade you prefer.

5) Mix up and apply the actual dye. Do it QUICKLY and comb through if you can to distribute evenly.

6) When your alloted time is up. Rinse and condition.


7) Blowdry, Style and Admire ! You should now be blonde.

A Cautionary word about 'going back to brown'

If just after the pre-lightening stage, before applying the second shade, you decide 'blonde' isn't for you bear in mind that just shoving on a brown dye at this point may have some rather, er 'interesting results.

A lot of brown dyes are actually based on green, and with your hair being yellow. Yellow Hair + Brown Dye = Green Hair !!!! So please be careful, especially with 'ash browns' which have very little red tones in them.

Actually to go back to brown anytime after bleaching your hair probably really is something best left to a good colour technician. But a quick explaination about this is that a RED dye/toner has to be applied first. This makes sense as you've spent about an hour with bleach on your hair getting rid of all the red tones. Then a brown is usually applied over the top.

The damage to your hair however means that fading colour can be a big problem, and there's a chance that if the red dye/tones fade first as they are known to do, that a very slight greeny tinge may emerge at some point. I would assume would just get dyed over again.

This is why I got the advice that it is easier to correct a blonde gone wrong than it is 'just' to go back to brown. Yep, definatley a job for or at the very least seek advice from, a professional to attain a nice colour and finish if you go want to go back. However, if you don't have the cash or just cannot face going to a professional. Please read some basic advice on this HERE, on the Back to Brown ? How ? page.


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