Step By Step Blonding at Home

Lets take it step by step. I'll try to explain the basics of what you should or shouldn't expect (remember I'm not a qualified colour technician), as well as what to watch out for. I must stress here that a SENSITVITY TEST should be have been done, especially if you have reacted badly to anything in the past. It's pretty strong stuff you're about to put on your hair/scalp, so be VERY careful. Also, if you have longish hair it may be wise to invest of 2 packs of pre-lightener and dye just to be on the safe side.

This requires a bit of patience but well worth doing.

Snip off a strand of hair from the undersections, some more brave than I prefer to do strand tests on their hair but that wasn't for me. Mix up a small amount of the pre-lightener, apply to the strand, wait and observe. Doing this means you can get an approximate time for leaving the lightener on AND you get a fair idea of how your hair is going to react through the process.


1) Have you got everything you need ?......The products (pre-lightener and blonde dye), a helper, old towels and clothes, a clock/watch and a plastic mat or bag under the chair you are sitting on is a good idea. You will also need scissors and sellotape for strand tests.

2) Mix-up the Pre-lightener. Exactly as it says in the instructions.Use the gloves provided and keep them on until the application stage is finished.

3) Section the hair.

DO MAKE SURE THAT THE INSTRUCTIONS SPECIFY WHERE TO START WHEN APPLYING THE PRE-LIGHTENER. The one I used specified 'roots first, ends last',but others may differ so check before starting ok ? Preferably with a comb, and start applying the mixture to the roots of your hair working methodically through until all are covered. Your helper is very useful for this bit.

4) Apply the rest making sure the whole head is evenly covered. Reserve a small amount in case a touch-up is needed later.

5) WAIT....

6) Now the fun begins. Within 10 minutes you'll see your hair starting to change colour and this is when for most the "second thoughts omg I'm not sure I want to do this anymore" syndrome kicks in. Try not to panic, stay calm, and just try to imagine yourself with those lovely blonde tresses afterwards. In the next 40- 60 mins (roughly) your hair will go through an alarming array of colour change, slowly going from brown- light brown -dark orange- light orange- bright yellow- pale yellow with all the shades in between. Panicing and rinsing off at the 'orange' stage is a common mistake. YOU MUST LEAVE IT ON LONG ENOUGH TO DO ITS JOB PROPERLY.

7) What you are aiming for. For those that wish a ' very warm golden blonde' type colour at the end of processing you can stop when your hair has reached the stage of looking like the outside of a banana skin, (or perhaps slightly lighter) as this is as far as you need to go to produce the blonde you want.

Those that wish to go for the more 'ash' and 'light beigey/baby' blonde shades, you will probably have poured over endless blonde dyes in the chemist by now deciding on your 'look' so you should have a fair idea what I'm on about). Anyway those going for the 'lighter' blonde should aim for the colour of the INSIDE of a banana skin, a pale yellow. Time limits set by the manufacturer are to cover their backs (in case you decide to leave it on something stupid like overnight doh !), but everyone's hair is different and for every person who gets the desired result within 30 mins, they'll be another whose hair is still at the 'carrot' stage. Again its just about using your own judgement and common sense about the timing. Generally the darker you are to begin with the longer it will take to reach the pale yellow stage. But..


This is definitley not recommended and can cause all sorts of problems. The hair will be extemely fragile and you may not be able to work with it the way you'd like. Let the SECOND dye you apply take you to the required shade you want. It's amazing the difference they make to the end colour result.

Also it's a bit of a myth that your hair will just 'fall out. However what could happen if your hair was in very bad shape to begin with with lots of previous dyes/highlights/bleach/lack of condition, you may find some hair 'breaking off' due to the further stress of hair-lightening. Not at the roots, but generally further down, the ends of your hair have been around far longer than the roots. This is another good reason for doing the strand test first. Also good is to wipe occasional strands here and there to see what is going on.

8) KEEP checking what is going on. Especially if the back or under layers of your hair were darker than the top sections. Like I said you want to try and get as even a colour change as possible. Check by wiping small strands to see the colour. Remember it will look a bit lighter when it is dry. When the darkest area of your hair has gotten to the colour you need its time to rinse.

9)Once you (and your helper) are sure that the hair is evenly at the desired 'yellow' needed for the next phase then its time to rinse. If, horrors, you rinse and discover a bit(s) that is/are still 'orange', then simply reapply the stuff you saved to the areas that need it and wait some more, checking every few minutes or so until they are down to the colour you want.

10) Rinse and Condition, with the conditioner provided.


Incidentally, if you have paniced and have been left at a more 'orangey' stage. If you decide to go ahead and pre-lighten again to correct the problem do it asap. Giving the hair a 'rest' is not beneficial, hair will not repair itself over time so it makes no difference whether you re-apply 24 hours or 2 weeks later, though you may want to give your poor scalp a rest for at least a day. Re-bleaching hair is not a good thing to do to your hair but best to correct any mistakes sooner rather than later.

The next page describes the 'Second Stage'.


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