Green/Orange Hair ? Don't Panic !

Avoiding Green Hair while swimming

Q : I re-coloured my hair blonde last night, and im thinking about going swimming. Whats the chance of it going green?

A's : Please wear a swimming cap to protect your hair! I know they look dreadful but even if your hair does not go green, chlorine can't be too great for your hair.

I read in a magazine today that if blonde hair goes green after swimming, if you put tomato ketchup on it & leave it in for about 10 mins or so (I think) then the green tinge will vanish. Good tip but it would be a bit annoying having to smell like tomatoes after every swim!

Tomato sauce acts as an anti-oxident (that's why tomatoes are so good for you esp cooked). Hair turns green due to oxidation chemicals in the pool. It won't turn your hair any colour but it will remove the green. If you wrap your hair in cling film after you add the sauce it will speed up the process. And it doesn't need to be heinz. the cheapies are just as good.

Some hair lines do a serum to put on your blonde hair if your a regular swimmer! I used boots own 'Sun and Swim' and I didnt go green, and im a not so natural baby blonde!

Orange Blues

There are 2 things you can do if you've dyed your hair orange by mistake. Basically :

1) Go back to brown ( please read the Back to Brown basic advice page.

2) Re-bleach in order to get down to the light yellow shade needed to be blonde. This is covered through out the site really, but if you read the 'Disaster' section you'll see that it happened to me !

Below is one girl's experience :

Q : I have naturally blonde hair but for 6 months have been dyeing it dark brown. I wanted to go back to blonde so bought a lightening kit which should have made it go dark blonde. I used it on Friday night and my hair went ginger so yesterday I bought a blonde permanent dye and put that on and now its gone bloody bright orange. Its a white blonde at the roots (where my natural colour was coming through), then bright orange all over and on the ends it's a darker colour, I look like a punk. Should I get another blonde dye and put that over the top today or do you think it will just make the orange worse?? Really dont know what to do....HEEELLLLLLLLLLLLP

A's : I did the same to my hair a while ago, but dyed it again with an ash blonde colour and it looks fine now.Just make sure you use a cool shade of dye like ash blonde rather than a warm shade like golden blonde.

I've also done this. Just make sure you dye over it with a darker colour. Ash blonde like has been said is a good idea. When I did it I dyed over it with brown and it turned out fine.

Your options are either dyeing it darker again, or bleaching it properly to lift to the colour you want (you probably need a separate bleach to do this). So, my advice, go to a hairdresser and let them fix it

Well they put blonde bits in and its toned down the orange/ginger, more of a strong strawberry blonde, not sure if im 100% happy but much better than before.

Strawberry blonde sounds much better than orange.

Q : I dyed my hair black last summer and its faded a little now and my natural colour [dark brown] is showing through. I`d love to go bleach blonde kind of like Gwen Stefani but I`m not sure if I could bleach over the dye in my hair, although I would love to try it cos I`m so sick of the black. . . does anyone know what I could do?

I'd say go to a hairdressers, as it might go orange if you do it at home.

It WILL go orange if you do it at home. I've been there.

Go to the hairdresser,be prepared to sit there all day have your hair bleached at least 3 times then go back in a couple of weeks and get it bleached one more time then for the toner (WARNING:after all that bleach this bit STINGS )
Its very expensive and you will have straw like hair and a bad scalp for quite a while after. But once you get used to the constant deep conditioning it can be well worth it.I love my hair the way it is now (Gwen white) but its been a bugger to get it this way, only embark on this if your really sure cause it is quite expensive and time consuming at first.


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