Home Hair Highlights, Step by Step.

You will Need :

A Long-tailed comb
Butterfly clips
Cottonwool balls
A timer
Wear an old T-shirt in case of spills.
Your chosen Home Highlighting Kit

1) Comb and part your hair as you would normally wear it. This is the area where the most visible highlights will fall. By placing highlights along the part, they will show off nicely when you style your hair.

2) Open your highlighting kit and read the directions thoroughly. Wear gloves to mix the colour and developer together. Shake well in the bottle provided until the solution is completely mixed.

3) Clip hair into sections to help maintain control while applying colour. When highlighting, start from the back of the crown and work your way to the front and top of the head.

4) Unclip one section of hair and use the long end of the comb to pick up strands of hair from that section for highlighting. Apply color solution to applicator brush and brush onto hair.

5) Apply enough color so strands are completely coated. Then gently lay this small section of hair on the head without pressing the hair into the scalp.

6) Using the end of the comb continue unclipping sections of hair and picking up small amounts for highlighting within each section. Work from the back and bottom (underneath) layers to the front.

7) Place a cottonwool ball underneath each highlighted section near the face to avoid irritating the skin.

8) Wait 20 minutes and rinse hair with warm water.

9) Apply the conditioner included in the kit to hair and massage into hair for several minutes. Rinse well and towel dry.

10) Style as usual


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