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Q : I am at the end of my tether!

I have VERY fine hair, just past shoulder length, which is dyed blonde approx. every 6 weeks (I am dark blonde but prefer it a bit lighter). My hair is naturally wavy which looks awful most of the time. I straighten it maybe a couple of times a week (mainly when I'm going out) but I just can't seem to get rid of the fluffiness. It looks fine for about 5 minutes after I've done it but as soon as I leave the house it starts to kink up and go fluffy. I use Frizz Ease shampoo and conditioner and I have recently started using Redken Anti Snap and Redken Straight Line which seems to have helped a bit. Can anyone recommend something that will help my fine, fluffy locks be transformed into sleek, shiny and swingy? Or should I just pray for a miracle?!?!

A's : I'd recommend L'anza Strait-line Smoother which you can buy from hddirect. After you wash your hair you put a little bit on your hair, comb it through, then blow dry your hair and this helps to prevent my hair from going frizzy. Also when I straighten my hair I used Redken Starch spray which is good and L'anza Thermal defense.

Try some Brylcreem I know it sounds a bit weird, but it really does work ! I apply it to my hair when it is damp/wet, but not soaking wet as it is difficult to 'monitor' how much you are putting on. Just remember to only use alittle bit, if you find it doesnt work you can try it again using alittle bit more. And i usually comb it through after to make sure its evenly spread.

On your advice, I tried Brylcreem at the weekend and couldn't believe the results! My hair is now shiny and swingy and I can't believe the transformation. I only had to use a tiny amount as well so the tub will probably last at least until the end of the year. I even went out in the rain this morning and my hair is STILL sleek and glossy. Am totally amazed. Can't believe it's taken 26 years to discover it! Have now been ranting about the merits of Brylcreem to anyone who will listen.

A quick fix if your hair is dry and suddenly got fluffy is Citre Shine - Shine Mist - it works wonders!

I used the tiniest amount of brylcreme yesterday and it didnt make much of a difference, so I used a small pea amount (petit pois!) today and my hair does look a lot sleeker and the layers are less fluffy. I think I need a tiny bit more so will experiment.

I used this on Saturday and its really brilliant! I cant believe such a simple product gave such good results. I thought it would go greasy but if anything its LESS greasy than all the serums etc. And my hair is still sleek and lovely and its Monday!

I went out in the rain today and my hair has completely resisted all urges to frizz up!

I noticed that in the rain too!!! Brylcreem is a total miracle. Have been telling EVERYONE about it (and my new straighteners!). Have been transformed into one of those annoying people that flings their hair about all over the place!!


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