My Review of Aveda Cherry/Almond Bark Conditioner

I first came across this conditioner for sale on Ebay about a year ago. It was part of a set of 3 50ml 'trial size' products...and as far as I can remember I paid peanuts for the 3 around 3.50 I think. Anyway, I must explain that up until this point I had been happy slathering my hair in any old shop bought conditioner 'Hey it all did the job didn't it ?', and I was certainly no 'brand label' snob, so why a mere 12 months down the line am I happy to shell out 14, yes 14 !!! for a tube of conditioner ????, read on :-

Firstly lets get the packaging/appearance etc stuff out of the way. The full size version comes in a plain brown squeezable tube you know the type you can stand up on its lid ? So it doesn't exactly 'jump out' at you. It is different from most other Aveda conditioners as they come in 250ml bottles AND are 3-4 cheaper. I can hear you doing the maths now, but, yes this Aveda conditioner DOES contain only HALF the 'normal' amount AND you pay more for it .I can only say in its defence that sometimes you do get what you pay for, and that I wish it was lighter on the pocket too. I usually buy mine from or but I have a look on Ebay and in other places like to check for any offers first, so do shop around.

As with all Aveda products it is based from entirely plant based ingredients. I won't go into them as they are far to many latin plant names and phrases to type in. The conditioner itself is described on the tube as a 'reconstructive hair conditioner', 'a medium-conditioning formula restores shine and flexibility to hair. On opening the fragrance is not cherry as expected, but a really lovely, subtle (not flowery or sweet), well 'mallowy without the sugar' is the best I can get. It's hard to describe as I am sure you'll appreciate. The conditioner itself is white and thick, hence the squeezy tube as it doesn't run.

So what can it do ? Well this is divided for me into 1) Usage BEFORE my dyeing my hair blonde disaster (see 'disaster page') and 2) Usage SINCE.

1) At this point as I said my hair was in good condition although a bit dry due to blowdrying/straightening most days. I used the conditioner from the trial sizes. The first time I used it after shampooing I used quite a liberal amount. I'm used to, as I said, slathering whatever was the latest 2 for 1 offer in Boots all over. I didn't notice any great difference on application apart from how thick it was. On the back of the bottle it says to 'leave for 2 - 5 mins', so I left on for about 2 as I was in a hurry....and rinsed off. Instantly I was amazed !!!

My hair feel like silk as I rinsed off and not that Wash 'n' Go plastic coated type silk either.Real deep down lovely to run fingers through while washing out silk....mmmnnnnn. I towel dried and I knew that there was a BIG difference here from my normal conditioner. My hair, while I went through my usual 10 minute routine in front of the mirror did not start to 'ping' out in all directions at the ends. It just sort of 'waited' nicely until I got round to it. Blow drying was a pleasure as my hair looked and felt a lot smoother, and on finishing looked healthier and shinier than it had in absolute AGES.......I was from that moment on an Aveda convert.

I bought other Aveda shampoos/conditioners and styling products and although the other conditioners are excellent .I always saved this one for special occasions, it just seemed to give my hair an extra special 'zing' when I used it. My 50ml tube was treated like gold dust, but alas, eventually I squeezed the last of it out and reluctantly went back to the other Aveda conditioners, by now I WAS a brand snob lol !

If you have seen my other pages then you will know that I am a mum of 4 with not a lot of money to spare, so I find it hard to 'justify' spending a lot of money on 'luxuries' like hair conditioner...well most of the time as I don't like to starve the kids too often (evil laugh !), and as I already had 3 or 4 Aveda products by now and they were nowhere near finished, I just kept promising myself another tube, someday (sigh)

Then my 'going blonde' hair disaster happened.This involved me having to bleach my hair TWICE in 2 days despite having had higlights put in 2 weeks previous. Absolute HAIR SUICIDE, and my hair did not exactly look at its best. It was VERY dry, brittle and looked a bit 'straw-like'. The first thing I did was to order a tube of this. Was I disappointed ? Definitley not !

For very damaged hair this stuff was just AMAZING. The first time I used it it tamed the frizzies right down and took the 'scarecrow' look away. A few weeks later and my hair was very soft, managable and looked/s very good for what I have put it through. I do use other products designed to look after processed/damaged hair, but as a conditioner I cannot fault this ESPECIALLY for hair that has been damaged in any way.

I should also add that a little goes a long way, I use about a 10p size blob each time at first, just taking more out of the tube for any bits I miss. Also for the past few weeks I have been alternating this with another Aveda conditioner (Rosemary and Mint) so am not using quite so much of it as I was at first, it still beats the other conditioner hands down. I have also tried a few other deep conditioners such as Aussie 3 min miracle/Charles Worthington etc..nice..but not even close I'm afraid, .and I am not the kind of person who would spend this sort of money on my hair if something a quarter of the price did the same job.

So that's it, pricey yes, but worth it ? for my poor hair..DEFINITELY !


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